Artist & Label Management


Our Artist & Label Management philosophy is to first and foremost prioritise the creative freedoms of our roster. This ethos informs everything we do, and allows us to guide creatives with transparency so they can get back to focusing on their art with complete peace of mind. Attention to detail is just as important as big-picture goals for our Artist & Label Managers.

Diversifying income streams is a crucial step towards a longterm career for every contemporary creative, and it can be intimidating to know where to begin. We take the guesswork out of this process, and bring forward a diverse range of opportunities that align with the goals and values of our creative talent.

Our Artist & Label Management service goes into and beyond the music; we oversee all aspects of establishing, growing and evolving an artistic career and/or record label: Some of our services include developing relationships with artists, calculating project budgets, drawing contracts and managing financial and administrative responsibilities.

Alongside our dedication to exploring innovative ways to collaborate, produce and distribute new music, our expertise ensures that projects are out to market in time, within budget, and consistently on brand. We expertly navigate everyday logistical pressures to take projects of any and all sizes from their earliest conceptual spark all the way to release date.