Xzavier Stone



Eclectic, Futuristic, Lush, Playful, Rhythmic, Sampling, Sensual

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Original & Existing Composition


Zurich, Switzerland

Xzavier Stone is an artist, producer, DJ & vocalist from Zurich, Switzerland. He honed his sound painstakingly in the shadows for years before building a core audience who are drawn to his uniquely bold yet playful works released via Fractal Fantasy, his own XZA imprint & joint platform “YAWREDDY?!” with frequent collaborator Modulaw.

Recontextualizing rap music and R&B in a contemporary manner is an ever-present motif in his works, which reflects Xzavier’s interest and passion in hip-hop culture.

This can be heard in his original works, aswell as in scores and music productions for artists. Over the years, Stone’s ways to manifest his sonic visions reached far beyond the realm of hip-hop and positioned him as an exceptional artist in his own right. Seeking growth through innovation is what turns his compositions into genre-defying sonic experiences.