Stellar OM Source



Atmospheric, Eclectic, Female Vocals, Hypnotic, Rhythmic, Uplifting


Antwerp, Belgium

Available for

Live/DJ, Original & Existing Composition




© Tina Herbots

© Tina Herbots

© Tina Herbots

Stellar OM Source is the music project of Christelle Gualdi, a French-Italian producer, DJ and architect born in Paris and based in Belgium. Active for more than a decade, Christelle’s acclaimed 2013 album Joy One Mile and Nite Glo (2015), both on the boundary-pushing New-York label RVNG Intl., firmly established her as an artist to watch out for. Both releases settled her musical direction. She creates enveloping environments, given shape by the rush of live performance. She brings elements of techno, house and new-wave into a unique musical palette, marking out her signature of emotive uplifting melodies and contagious, bassline-centered grooves. Returning to music production after a 3 year break she released the EP I See Through You on Dekmantel and was profiled on Resident Advisor.

Christelle’s renowned all-analog live sets create electrifying and energizing experiences. Her DJ sets also have a distinct style: genre-melting, rich in rhythms, stories and references, they can bring dark heaviness in late night settings as well as sensual vibes for soundtracks. Not surprisingly, she has toured and performed in most of Europe’s forward-thinking clubs and music festivals and appeared on dance-floors across the world from Rio to Bangalore. Christelle is also a passionate practicing architect and artist with different creative outlets. She has been selected for the 2020 edition of the European SHAPE platform.