Music From Memory



Atmospheric, Calm, Eclectic, Ethereal, Peaceful

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Music From Memory was founded in Amsterdam in 2013 and is run by Tako Reyenga and Jamie Tiler.

The label has become synonymous with the release of visionary electronic music from both the past and present. With retrospectives that re-introduce and re-contextualize musicians that have languished in often-total obscurity, such releases are not though, simply exercises in nostalgia. Rather the label focuses on the work of artists who were forward thinking, perhaps even too forward thinking for their time, of musicians who’s work sounds incredibly relevant today.

From proto-Techno records made in 1984, to compilations that highlight Avant-garde Brazilian electronic music, to ambient works by contemporary artists such as Terekke and Gaussian Curve, the label consistently challenges our expectations of electronic music.

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