Atmospheric, Complex, Instrumental, Psychedelic, Rhythmic, Spacial, Technical


Basel, Switzerland

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© Jimmy Hochstrasser

© Jimmy Hochstrasser

© Jimmy Hochstrasser

Garçon is a dedicated and thoughtful DJ that teases music gradually and deliberately. Unlike many of his producer peers, Garçon is strictly a DJ. Nevertheless, he approaches his work with a true artist’s discipline. His layering of hypnotic grooves results in a subtle modulation of the mood of a night, creating a sense of delayed gratification and reward for his audiences.

From the moment he started going to nightclubs, he would watch DJs up close and observe their technique. He would learn his records inside out thereby informing his unique precision mixing style. Although he pulls from across the electronic music spectrum, Garçon’s interests have a firm foundation in techno, with a particular fondness for rhythmically adventurous sounds from the outer edges of the genre.

Born and raised in Basel, Switzerland (where he’s still based today), Garçon has been an important figure in the city’s techno scene for some time. He began DJing when he was just 14 years old and got his first club gig at 16. He started throwing parties around the city, first at the since-shuttered clubbing institution Hinterhof, and later at Elysia, one of Basel’s most vital nightclubs.

Being part of a close-knit creative community led him to co-found the Amenthia Recordings label with other Basel-based techno stalwart Agonis. While the label started out releasing music from local artists, it has since expanded to platform like-minded peers from further afield. Today, Amenthia holds a monthly residency at Elysia.

Garçon’s reputation and adaptability has seen him grow beyond his home city and comfortably play everything from a 200-capacity basement to a major festival. His reputation, largely generated by word-of-mouth, has allowed him perform for crowds at Berghain and at festivals such as Taiwan’s Organik, Portugal’s Waking Life and Barcelona’s Parallel.