Atmospheric, Complex, Instrumental, Psychedelic, Rhythmic, Spacial, Technical


Basel, Switzerland

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© Jimmy Hochstrasser

© Jimmy Hochstrasser

© Jimmy Hochstrasser

There’s beauty in the art of teasing. To build the groove of a night slowly and piece by piece is a commonplace ideal, but not many are willing to sacrifice the early moments of gratification for a potentially more rewarding experience. Enter Garçon: The Basel-based music afficcionado has steadily built his reputation as an expert in mood modulation. Combining hypnotic grooves from all corners of electronic music, he’s crafted a style firmly rooted in techno,

with a singular affinity for the rhythmically dexterous landscapes that stretch beyond. An original resident of (now defunct) Basel institution Hinterhof, Garçon – in cooperation with ally Agonis – continues developing the Amenthia imprint’s unique sonic identity at Elysia, taking full advantage of the utilitarian space.

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