FIT Siegel



Conscious, Ethereal, Melodic, Psychedelic, Raw, Rhythmic, Sampling, Uplifting


New York, United States

Available for

DJ, Original & Existing Composition


© Corine Vermeulen

© Corine Vermeulen

FIT Siegel, otherwise known simply as FIT, has quietly risen to become a pillar of the Detroit underground. Siegel studied production under the tutelage of “Mad” Mike Banks at Submerge (aka the Underground Resistance HQ). His debut record “Tonite,” was released on Omar S’ FXHE label in 2012. FIT has worked closely with Omar S, remixing his anthemic track S.E.X., issuing “Enter The Fog”( a collaboration with Kassem Mosse), and producing “Freaky Type” with vocalist Simon Black, all on FXHE Records. 2015 saw the release of the highly regarded “Carmine EP”, which caught on instantly with producers, DJs and critics alike. In 2018, FIT joined forces with longtime collaborator DJ Sotofett to form S & M Trading Co. and released their single “Metal Surface Repair”.

Most notably, FIT has internalized the fierce DIY ethos of both UR and FXHE through his own label,

FIT Sound and his crucial record distribution company, which he ran from 2008 to 2019. In 2019 FIT was back in collaboration mode with Kassem Mosse releasing the “Saboten” 12″ on FIT Sound. On his latest solo release, “Formula EP” Siegel returns to his style of transcendental club music, while exploring his ideas of New Wave and Electro sounds.

As a DJ, FIT prefers a genre-free approach rather than cordoning off a specific sound. He pulls freely from disco and post punk while also incorporating the most alien forms of techno and house music breeding in Detroit today.