Fenna Schilling



Abstract, Collage, Futuristic, Lush, Nature, Surreal, Soothing

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Commercial & Private Commissions


Amsterdam, The Netherlands



© Fenna Schilling

© Fenna Schilling

© Fenna Schilling

Fenna Schilling’s collages feel at once familiar yet alien. Incorporating both analogue and digital techniques into her practice, the Haarlem-born, Amsterdam-based artist eschews the jagged, cut’n’paste aesthetic often associated with the collage form and instead creates something more tactile, freeform, and fluid. Her creative process is intuitive and exploratory, combining shapes and textures sourced from decades old photo books and recontextualising them in abstract and unfamiliar ways.

Her work uncovers the possibilities offered by the juxtaposition of found material. She conjures worlds within worlds; three-dimensional environments within two-dimensional spaces. Schilling’s style is strikingly distinctive, but it has versatile applications: her work has been used in various art, illustration, and design contexts. She creates as freely as possible, using a process of manipulation that results in imagery that feels dreamlike and uncanny. She continues to develop and expand her practice, integrating new techniques into her work and experimenting with the creative possibilities offered by the medium of collage.

Schilling studied for a BA in philosophy, later pursuing an MA at the Sandberg Institute where she was able to devote herself fully to her work. During this time she DJed on the side under the name Fenna Fiction, and through her involvement with Amsterdam’s underground electronic music scene, she took her first commissions designing party flyers and record sleeves for the likes of Job Jobse and Knekelhuis, and festivals like Draaimolen and ICKPA.

Fenna Schilling’s art has caught the eyes of a number of international brands. Some of her recent clients include Google Arts & Culture, WeTransfer, Budweiser, Converse, Hermès, and Paloma Wool.